People have many different reasons for switching from conventional personal care products. Some are rightly concerned about the potentially hazardous ingredients they may contain, such as butylated hydroxyanisole and formaldehyde. Many bath and beauty products are tested on laboratory animals to deem them safe for humans. Unfortunately, the animals are exposed to various formulas in such a way as to inflict permanent damage.

What Cruelty-free Means

Many people have the misconception that laboratory animals used in testing processes are mice or rats. However, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, primates and rabbits can also be used in this process.

Products marked cruelty-free have not been tested on animals. In order to qualify as having cruelty-free products, companies sign a statement of assurance developed by the PETA organization (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The organization maintains a list of companies in their database that do and do not test animals. Searching PETA's website enables concerned consumers to ensure that the companies they choose adhere to the standard.

Cruelty-free Products

Cruelty-free products are typically made using natural ingredients. However, not all of the products are vegan. The products span the gamut from bath and beauty products to skincare, so it's easy to incorporate them into your routine. The line of items available even includes makeup applicators.

Conventional makeup brushes are manufactured using animal hair. The hairs naturally trap dead skin and oils, which makes them ideal for populating bacteria. On the other hand, cruelty-free brushes are made using synthetic materials. They are easier to clean and keep free of bacteria.