Improve your skin health by removing makeup every night.

Try out this homemade makeup remover. Not only is it totally natural and safe, but it won’t break the budget. The astringent properties of witch hazel help to tone while the oil will moisturize and pick up dirt. Simply combine the following ingredients in a bottle, and shake until well mixed.

2 Tbs. witch hazel
2 Tbs oil such as almond, extra virgin olive oil or jojoba
2 Tbs. filtered water
1-2 drops tea tree oil

To use, dab a cotton ball or tissue into the mixture and wipe your face clean. Or place the mixture in a container with a fresh roll of toilet paper. Let the paper soak up the liquid until it is moist and saturated.

Turn it over a time or two to make sure it’s evenly wet. Once soaked, you can remove the cardboard tube and pull sheets of paper from the roll. These can be used as makeup removing wipes.

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